Bronx Tale Movie Analysis

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Bronx Tale The movie Bronx Tale is a very interesting and emotional movie. It takes your thinking and feeling for the movie on a ride. You do not really know where it takes you because it is so suspenseful. The movie talks about a kid’s life name Kalogeria, also known as “C”. The movie mostly forms around C’s life, starting from a kid with his dad name Lorenzo, and a neighborhood gangster name Sonny. They stumble upon problems throughout the movie. Signs of misunderstanding arise, fights and stupidity occur. People ask a lot of questions about the movie, and in the next few paragraphs are some answers to questions/opinion. The first question people seem to ask is, “who is more successful?” Well, it’s in your point of view. Some might say Sonny, the gangster, and some would say Lorenzo, C’s dad, a hard worker, with a great family. There is also your definition in successful, you can have the meaning as in living life to the fullest, having dreams, or reaching for goals, good family/job, and so forth. However in my point of view, I think they are both successful. Lorenzo, because he is a hard worker, has a family, helps the society, and sweats for his earnings, while Sonny did not. On the other hand, Sonny lived his life to the fullest. Not holding back on anything, and Lorenzo didn’t really have a “free” life. In the end it’s really your choice.…show more content…
This affected a lot between C’s and Sonny’s relationship, it affected everyone’s relationship with Sonny. Being feared rather than love gives Sonny the feeling like everyone respects him. The bad result of that is no one to love, you get lonely, and no one really understands you. C’s and Sonny’s relationship was based on both fear and love, mostly fear though. Sonny didn’t trust C with all his heart, and that ruins the relationship. C loved and trusted Sonny. Sonny would rather be fear than love, because love can stab you in the back, while fear
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