Comm 618 Week 2 Assignment

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Testing Angenetta Turner Week 2 Assignment OMM 618 Human Resources Management Instructor: Cheryl Moore Testing Testing in the work of business is sometimes referred to as Pre employment background testing which is the process of investigating the character, reputation, personal characteristics, and mode of a potential employee in order to establish their appropriateness for a particular job. Pre-employment testing was originally designed for the Canadian military for screening. However, this process took off being used for almost any type of job. Two of the most popular types of testing done by organizations are drug screening and background checks. According to the Equal Employment Opportunity, Title VII of the Civil Rights Act…show more content…
The Meyers-Briggs test is one of the most popular personality test used by companies. Meyers-Briggs results tells if an individual use sensing vs. intuition, feeling vs. thinking, judging vs. perceiving and introversion vs. extroversion. Extraversion, conscientiousness, optimism, openness to new experiences, service orientated, proactive, agreeable is just a few of the common traits measured by the personality test. The test results show that extroverted people are individuals that when working the more they do the more they enjoy what they are doing. It shows that the introverted individual come up with a plan before acting, needing time to think things through. Employers have found personality testing to be a great tool in determining whether or not an individual have what it takes to be successful on the job with interaction and interpersonal communication with others. Even though the pre-employment personality test is a good ideal, it does have the potential to produce problems. One of the problems would occur when a potential candidate tries to cheat the system by answering the question in a way to make the employer feel they are the best one for the job. This type of answering would be using a hypothetical method. Another problem with the personality test is when candidate rush when the test is timed. A timed test puts pressure on individual and causes them to rush through the question and not…show more content…
However, they continued to use the testing process to select the right candidate for their organization. As we have learned testing has and continue to be used to discover the personality, knowledge and physical capability of potential job candidates. The knowledge test predicts whether or not a candidate will be able to adapt to knowing how to do the job. Personality testing lets employers know whether or not an individual will be a great fit for the organization and other around them. Finally, the use of the physical fitness will assure employers that the individual is able to perform up to

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