FFA Reflection

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In high school I was a part of the Yukon FFA chapter. I was very involved doing community service projects, building miscellaneous items in the shop, and showing livestock. The only requirement for you to be in this group are have respect for others, be willing to work hard, help others, and most importantly, you must have the desire to succeed in everything you do. Since I was so involved in this group I did not have much of a life outside of it. Showing livestock took up most of my time. I showed pigs constantly the "pig season" consisted mostly from November until March. The entire season until the very end we had small shows that did not really mean much, because you did not really win any money or prizes. By the end of March there was…show more content…
These labels that are constantly put on us drive me insane. There is so much hidden in our family that non-members do not see. In addition to all of these stereotypes that are put on me and the others in my group, I do not like to show people that it bothers me, but these stereotypes have really given me a negative outlook on these people. The stereotypes that have been put on me have made me put stereotypes back on these other people. I now look at the outsiders as "city slickers" or I call them lazy and tell them that they have no discipline. The labels that were put on my group made me angry, and honestly at one point they made me want to join the outside group that was putting these labels on me. Although I did not join these groups, I just joined what they were doing to me. The stereotypes that I applied to these other groups were not completely true but neither were the ones that they put on me so therefore I thought it was
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