Describe Reasons For Applying To Dennison

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define cool? “Cool” in slang terms is a characteristic that describes a person’s demeanor. The concept of “coolness” changes over time depending on fads, styles, and etc. Moreover, the concept of “cool” to me describes a person who is free, easy, light-hearted, and likes to have a good time. What outrages you? Judging people and prejudice outrages me most. Not only prejudice pertaining to ethnic background, but also prejudice in the way of being smaller is better, nerds are loser and etc. I cannot stand to see another person being picked on because of the way they look or act. I believe that no one has the right to judge the person on the right or to the left of you. We ourselves are no better than them and do not have the power to…show more content…
It may be diverse by physical differences, opinions differences, or background differences. However, these differences are the foundation or the world we live in. Diversity is important in a college community because it allows students to commit to looking beyond the original and those unlike us. Describe reasons for applying to Dennison? Of all the many reasons why I would love to be accepted at Dennison College, the main are the close knit learning environment, the strenuous liberal arts academic curriculum, and the cultural diversity. I believe these key points should be the foundation of my education and Denison possesses these. Dennison College has an academic excellence that presents opportunities for students to experience college growth in college pursuits such as: i.e. internships, research, work- study, and study abroad. Moreover, Dennison has a great multicultural program that requires their students to find ways to connect with other backgrounds and differences. The small environment is close to what I have been in at my private school Landmark Christian. I believe having a small environment allows the opportunity to have a close-knit community. All in all, I believe Dennison College is for
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