Eymp4 1.1 & 2.3

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EYMP4 1.1 Explain how the range of early years settings reflect the scope and purpose of the sector Within childcare there are lots of different settings you can get and they all have different reasons for why they are around some of them are: -Nursery’s Nurseries are open for children aged birth to 4 and children get the option of either doing part time or fall time. Full time would be 5 days a week 8-6 and part time can vary from a morning session would be from 8-1 and an afternoon session would be 1-6. These settings are usually private therefore there is usually a fee for all sessions although the government can fund a total of 10 hours a week which adds up to 1 full day at the setting and the parent can choose what days the child will do. This type of setting is available so that parents with young children are able to go back to work and know that their children are in safe care. -Child-minders Child-minder’s take children off all ages and they also have the option of either doing part time or full time. A child-minder’s hours can vary from different people but most hours will be 8 to 6 or 3-6. A child-minder’s setting would be within their home. As a Child-minder you duty is to look after the children while their parents are at work. Child-minder’s usually have children at primary school age. They are here to pick the children up from school and take them back to their house give them dinner and help them with homework until their parents come to collect them. This service is not free and there will be a set price for all children. -Pre-schools (play group) Pre-schools are usually organised by your local community. They are free for children aged 3-4. They take children from 2 ½ till 5. This facility is part time and is usually open a couple of days a week. At these settings parents will stay with the children while they play and socialise
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