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Part 1: 1. When did Goodall arrive in Gombe? Goodall arrived in Gombe after her husband’s death in May in 1981. 2. Who is Fifi? Fifi is a chimp Jane encountered in the mountains. Fifi is the mother of Freud, Frodo, and Fanni. 3. Who is Derek? Derek is Jane’s husband who passed away. 4. How would you describe Goodall’s relationship with the chimpanzees? Use at least one quote from her essay in your answer and include the page number. Jane’s relationship with the chimps was like none other then one with a human being. Goodall stated that she “felt very much in tune with the chimpanzees, for [she] was spending time with them not to observe, but simply because [she] needed their company” (146). When she spends time with the chimpanzees, she saw that they had personalities, emotions, and minds. Her relationship with the chimpanzees grew closer and closer as she spent more time with them. Goodall didn’t distinguish them as animals and rather felt more at ease when she was around the chimps. 5. At what time of day did the storm happen? What clues did she get? Use at least one quote from her essay in your answer and include the page number. In the afternoon before four-thirty, Jane noticed that “the sky was dark, almost black, and the rain clouds had obliterated the higher peaks” (147). When Jane was in the mountains with the chimps, from a far distance she realized the storm getting closer and closer and the chimps were moving around in panic. 6. What does Goodall mean when she writes that the “self was utterly absent” (147)? How would you express this idea in your own words? Goodall felt the life and nature around her was unreal. She felt as if it was surreal, a dream she couldn’t bring back into her thoughts. 7. At the top of page 147, Goodall defines what the natural world means to her. Below, directly quote from the text to define and explain

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