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Family is often explored in literature, and more often than not there is a parent-child relationship. The relationship between a parent and their child is stronger than any other. It can show love, hate, desperation, independence, and many other emotions. The poems “If”, “Piano” and “Poem at 39” all show different types of relationships between parents and children. “If” by Rudyard Kipling is the persona delivering a speech to his son, giving him advice for every aspect of life. “Piano” by D.H. Lawrence is the warming tale of the persona remembering his mother to the tune of a piano. Similarly in “Before You Were Mine” by Carol Ann Duffy, the persona remembers what her mother may have been like before her child. In “Poem at 39” the persona talking about her relationship with her father and what he taught her. “Mother, any distance” by Simon Armitage also has a theme that parents teach, as the persona writes about leaving home, and problems they may face without their mother. “On My First Sonne” laments the death of the poet’s (Ben Jonson) first son. The first poem is “If” by Rudyard Kipling. The poem is didactic, written to give instruction. I feel the persona is a father figure giving advice to their son. Kipling does not give direct characteristic instructions, but rather he uses actions that a man should perform to show these characteristics. This is fitting to the advice a father would give his son. To a father, his son is a recreation of himself, something that he can send out into the world with the same morals he has. But to a father his son must learn through doing, so Kipling uses the vivid illustration of actions such as risking “all your winnings” on “one turn of pitch and toss”, to show that a man must not be afraid to spend what he has earned, and when he loses and has to “start again at (his) beginnings” he should be able to go on and

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