Belonging Romulus My Father, V for Vendetta, in Case of Moon Disaster

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------------------------------------------------- Relationships lead to a greater sense of fulfillment. 
Discuss how your prescribed text and TWO other related texts of your own choosing represent this interpretation of belonging. An individual’s personal circumstances and relationships with the people around them result in an increased sense of fulfillment as the dynamic process of belonging is justified through a sense of attainment. Gaitas memoir Romulus My father, McTeiques 2006 film V for Vendetta and Safire’s 1999 speech “In event of moon disaster” all explore the notion that relationships lead to an increased sense of fulfillment, through composers diverse representations within various forms ultimately establishing a sense of belonging. The extent to which relationships equate to fulfillment is demonstrated within Romulus my father through retrospective analysis of Gaita and Romulus’ early relationship where Gaita alludes to his positive father son relationship as a primary factory for his present day fulfillment. The text emphasizes the composer’s positive moral values being inherited from his fathers consistent loving, harsh and instructing nature. Demonstrated through Gaitas recollection that ”three things fed my fathers anger: his knowledge that I was lying, his fear for my character and his dismay that he had lost something precious”. Gaita recognizes that the strength of their relationship was due to his father’s persistence. The fear of loosing his son led Romulus to attempt to better himself, seen through the statement “My father didn't tell me how to live; he lived, and let me watch him do it.” Although this method of parenting gave short-term dismay demonstrated through Raimond’s childhood outburst “you don’t love me”. It resulted in long-term fulfillment and a healthy relationship worthy of being recognized retrospectively within Gaitas

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