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The Rocking Horse Winner Essay

  • Submitted by: aimeed856
  • on May 30, 2011
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Question One
Before Reading
Before reading “The Rocking-horse Winner” by D. H. Lawrence I used what is my purpose, what approach, and what do I already know strategies. The purpose of reading this was to demonstrate the materials learned for English class. Using approach I will read top to bottom, left to right and very slowly to take time for reading all the detailed information. I already know that the family was poor but lived a wealthy lifestyle in this story from the information in the unit.   These strategies will help me better understand the story I am reading.
During Reading
During reading “The Rocking-horse Winner” by D. H. Lawrence I use takes cues from the text, make connection and get involved strategies. The cues were italicized and the meaning of how the money was needed was emphasized by this. The connection was with the little boy Paul; he wanted his mom to be proud of him. I want my parents to be proud of me too. I got involved with the little boy and his losing streak; I was hoping he would turn it around and start winning again. Using these strategies helped with my, during reading skills and learning more about the story.
After Reading
After reading “The Rocking-horse Winner” by D. H. Lawrence I used ask question, find the main idea, and overall text strategies. The questions that came up were what did the writer mean by his title? When the little boy would use his rocking-horse he would predict which horse would win was the answer that came to mine. That main idea is not to put pressures on your children about adult problems. The overall text is you make your own luck, it doesn’t find you, you find luck. Using these strategies helped with the understanding of the overall story.

Question Two
In the short story “The Rocking-horse Winner” by D. H. Lawrence the protagonist was simple to figure out, their characteristic and role in the story help understand what is happening. The boy Paul who is the only young male in the...

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