Ted Talk by Lakshmiprathury

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TEDTALK by Laksmi Pratury Laksmi Pratury remembers us the lost importance of letter writing in this short TED talk. In her talk on letter-writing, she explains that there is a beauty and personal nature in writing a letter that is being lost with electronic communication. She discusses the lost art of letter writing and she shares the impact of some letters that her father wrote for her before he died. Laksmi Pratury starts her talk with the legacies that are left behind when people pass away. Then she remembers audience about lost habit of letter writing in this digital age. She decided that she is going to leave her son the legacy of handwriting by leaving something that is related to letters. Before sharing few letters that her father wrote for her, she says, “The same letter that touched his hand, is now in mine”. Letter forms a physical connection between two people, no matter how much time or distance has gone by - it can even bridge a gap between the living and the dead. She says she is emotionally connected with the letters and whenever she reads the letters she remembers her father talking to him. She shares some letters which are emotionally rich in content and signs off her speech with a simple but a great message. I think the memories can be best retained in the form of letters. About a decade back, when I attended school I used to write letters to my grandpa and I used to keep a collection of reply letters from him, and used to read the letters again and again till I received the next letter. Truly letters speaks way more than the digital communication. Emails don’t bring any emotions where as handwritten letters brings a sense of closeness and special bond which could be treasured forever. Handwritten letter speaks more and touches
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