Exploration Of a Selected Nursing Role Essay

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Introduction Nurse practitioners work in numerous roles and multiple settings. The nurse practitioner is to be found everywhere from urban to rural and isolated areas. This advanced practice nurse is also located in many specialty fields and the effectiveness of the role has been proven through research to be equal to the work of other disciplines (Gardner & Gardner, 2010). The most important point about the nurse practitioner role is that it is carried out according to a nursing model instead of the medical model. When the nursing approach is blended with the medical model, there are maximum benefits both for the patient and the physician because the knowledge and skills from both models are incorporated into collaborative practice. Rationale The nurse practitioner role provides the nurse with more opportunities than any other advanced practice role. I have a friend who worked in medsurg nursing and became a nurse practitioner. She specialized in AIDS management and now works in Africa. The nurse practitioner role is essentially a nursing role but integrates medical interventions as well. The range of choices for the nurse practitioner is virtually limitless because of the variety of specialties. Nurse practitioners are highly valued by physicians and the high level of patient satisfaction repeatedly has been demonstrated in research. Evolution of Role The role of the nurse practitioner has been implemented across the globe as part of a reform effort to improve access to care and to address unmet care needs. The role originated in the United States during the 1960s with the nurse anesthetist, followed by the nurse midwife and the clinical nurse specialist (Savrin, 2009). The nurse practitioner role emerged as a direct response to the shortage of primary care physicians in underserved locations and particularly in rural areas. The role has undergone a

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