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Explaining Relationships Essay Part I: Thesis and Outline Assignment Directions: 1) Outline your explaining relationships essay by following the template below. 2) You do not need to write whole paragraphs for any of the below sections. You simply need to write complete sentences that show the basic outline of your essay. Doing this will give you a guide when writing your rough draft. Explaining Relationships Essay Outline Introductory Paragraph Thesis Sentence: My 4yr.old son and the computer are like companions. Support for Thesis 1 (Write a topic sentence that supports your thesis and provides a transition between the paragraphs. Then, record at least three details that provide support for the topic sentence.) Topic Sentence: The reason my 4yr. old son and the computer are like companions, because he can play his games. Detail A: Education games help him with his learning abilities. Detail B: When he plays the games he is learning how to use his fine motors skill. Detail C: Ever since he has been playing the games on the computer, they have helped his brain explanation. Support for Thesis 2 Topic Sentence: He likes to watch movies on the computer. Detail A: The hero movies are his favorite Detail B: The cartoon shows are the oldest cartoons Detail C: When he is watching the movies, his attitude changes, he is quiet, laughing, and eating. Support for Thesis 3 Topic Sentence: He loves to listen to music. Detail A: The computer has a variety of all kinds of music. Detail B: My son can click on the music he likes to listen too. Detail C: Even since he has been listening to music his vocabulary has gotten better. Conclusion: (Record a concluding sentence below. This should be your thesis restated in different words.) Concluding Sentence: In conclusion, my 4yr old son and the computer are like

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