Why You Child Should Be in Aap

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My child can focus on a particular topic for an unusually long period of time. I have observed that my child can focus on any topic related to brain and biography of historical personalities. The online magazone 'neuroscience for kids' is of a particular interest and reciting the facts about brain is her favourite time. My child finds humor in situations or events unusual for his/her age. My child has high sense of humour.Just to give couple of examples, once when we moved from big 3 level home to an apartment, She joked that what did i do with the rest of the other 2-levels. My child is intellectually curious and asks thoughtful questions. My child comes up with imaginative and/or unusual ways of doing things. One of the example is,my child has designed a set-up to switch on christams lamp without touching the swtich using various items found in home similar to the concept of 'odyssey of mind' goldberg division. My child is intellectually curious and asks thoughtful questions. After any sensational news happened, we at home face plethora of questions.The questions range from why some people behave violantly in respect to the recent school shootings to how some people are very poor and why some countries do not have basic ameneties after her visist to India and turkey in last summer. My child surprises me with his/her knowledge. My child does lot of research in wiki and remembers all the facts for a very longer time and remebers along with the
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