Explain the Main Factors That Have Accelerated Globalisation?

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Explain the main factors that have accelerated globalisation? Globalisation is the process which people, culture, money, goods and information can be transferred between countries with little or no barriers. It the gown of links and interdependence between countries. The factors that have accelerated globalisation; better technology in travel, improved communications, and open trade. Planes are now more efficient, larger and air travel is now cheaper which increases the number of customers. There are now two types of flights; full service carriers which the food and drink is included, and the low cost carriers which are the budget airlines and you can pay for just your seat and have to pay for luggage and food which is not included. The increase in budget airlines has made it more accessible for people to be able to fly. The internet has also increases the growth of air travel as you can now book a flight from your home/mobile, which increases the chance of having an impulses holiday. Containers are can be easily transferred from one transport to a different form. This saves time and money as now only 2% of the price of the product is transport costs. Containerisation and the increase in affordable planes has affected globalisation, as now products can be shipped from china to the U.K which would still be cheaper than producing them in the U.K. and people are now more interconnected which has increased the growth of TNC as materials and people can be moved quicker. Communication has connected and linked the globe by using email and Skype. It is now accessible to talk to anyone around the world for free, which the connected families, cultures and the growth of business. Communication has increased the movement of money as you can transfer money to different accounts. Telephones and mobile telephones have also increased being connected around the world. It is
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