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THEORY ASSESSMENT 4 RECORD KEEPING/ASSESSMENT My specialist area is offender learning teaching Plumbing to inmates at HMP Birmingham. They are male student’s who’s ages range from 18 to 60 years. My learners come from a wide range of social and ethnic backgrounds. Record Keeping Records are an integral part of the teaching and learning process. It allows the teacher, student, course leader and even governing bodies to look back and reflect of the information they require. It is vital that the teacher retains records on the subject they are going to teach. This documentation should include the syllabus, scheme of work, lesson plans, handouts and activities for the learner. Holding records of this type would allow another colleague to cover your session if for any reason you were unable to…show more content…
This assessment can ascertain as to whether the student has any background knowledge of the subject they are being taught and if they are applying for the correct level of education. Carrying out initial assessment can determine as to whether there are specific areas that a student needs to develop. ‘Diagnostic assessment is an evaluation of a learner’s skills, knowledge, strengths and areas for development. Formative assessments are ongoing throughout the course and a simple way of gauging how and what your students are learning. This then allows the teacher to amend the way in which they are teaching or what they are teaching to accommodate the results. It also gives students a way of identifying the areas they need to develop. The benefit of formative assessment is that a teacher can continually evaluate the learner and put them on the correct path if they are making mistakes. Summative assessments are used at the completion of a course. It is often formal and demanding and under controlled exam conditions. They are used to generate a grade that reflects the students

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