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Experience Is The Best Teacher Essay

  • Submitted by: iemgrekat19
  • on May 9, 2009
  • Category: Psychology
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I think that having more experience teaches you how to do things better, because there is a saying: “Practice Makes Perfect,” although nobody is perfect, so at least practice makes better. Julius Ceasar once said: “Experience is the teacher of all things.”
For example, I ride my bike everyday to school and back, so I had a lot of practice because of the time I spent riding. Gradually, I got more experience and could do it better. I like to do no hands, but on the first time I could only do it for 1 or 2 seconds, but because I practiced it every day, so I could do it for five seconds, then ten seconds, and then I could turn some curves, and then I could do it for 15 seconds, and then I am able to work on something when I do no hands, then I could do it for more, I just need experience.
Another example is swimming. At the beginning, when I just knew how to swim, I was really slow, but I swam 3 times a week, and I gradually became faster, more skillful, and I got more endurance. So now, I can swim pretty fast, pretty good at it, and I have a good amount of endurance. That is definitely better than when I first swam.
The last reason is basketball. When I first played basketball and had an interest in it, I was not good, probably average in my class, but then every day I played basketball for 35 minutes, we play knockout, a shooting game, so each day I got better, and gradually I got stronger and can shoot long distance, the accuracy of my shooting and passing skills, and many other ones, so now I can do three-pointers.
Experience teaches you a lot, from doing something not so good to doing something pretty good, and it makes you “perfect” so you have another good skill, so my answer is yes, I agree.

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