Executive Summary: The Criminal Justice System

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| The Criminal Justice System | | Individual Project Unit 1 | | The Criminal Justice System | | Individual Project Unit 1 | AIU online April 29, 2012 Authored by: Amy chrzanowski AIU online April 29, 2012 Authored by: Amy chrzanowski The roles of a Police Officer are to protect the community and will be called upon when a crime occurs. They are usually the first to respond when a crime is committed and the first to come in contact with a suspect after a crime has been committed. Taking a criminal into custody, defusing disputes between individuals and securing public order are a few examples of what Police Officers are required to do. Police Officers work within a system of laws, moral standards,…show more content…
Reasonable mistakes are not blameworthy. 9. Self-defense is available only against unjustified attacks. 10. The prosecution must always prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. (Universal Theory of Criminal law Pg. 54-55) REFERENCES: Vinzant, J., Crothers, L. (1994) STREET- LEVEL LEADERSHIP: THE ROLE OF PATROL OFFICERS IN COMMUNITY POLICING. Criminal justice review (Georgia State University), 19 (2), 189-211 Criminal Procedure & Role of the District Attorney’s office-count (n.d). Sequence of a criminal case. http://www.northumberlandco.org Hessick III, F.M.(2002) Plea Bargaining and convicting the innocent: The role of the prosecutor, the defense counsel, and the judge. BYU Journal of public law, 16(2) 189-209 Federal Magistrate Judges Association (n.d.) web resources-AIU Library Representing clients before charges are filed (n.d.) Attorney http://www.weegy.com When does a judge or magistrate’s function begin (OCT. 2009) courts & judges http://www.weegy.comCriminal Bronitt, S. (2008) Toward a Universal Theory of Criminal Law: Rethinking the Comparative and International Project. Criminal justice ethics, 27
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