Prosecution Versus Defense Paper

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Prosecution Versus Defense Paper Elizabeth Stebbins 220 March 10, 2013 David McNees Prosecution Versus Defense Paper The role of the prosecutor and the defense counsel are similar in as many ways as they are different. The prosecuting attorney represents society because a crime against one is seen as a crime against all. The defense attorneys represent the individuals’ accused of the crime. The prosecuting attorney “is responsible of preparing and presenting the state’s case against defendants in criminal and civil cases” (Meyer & Grant. 2003. p. 114). The prosecutor’s main roles are to establishing that those guilty are prosecuted, and to determine which cases are weak and weed them out. Meyer & Grant (2003) state that, “ the tasks that prosecutors perform fall into three broad categories: planning and supervising the investigation phase of criminal and civil cases, case preparations, and responding to the issues related to appeals. The defense attorney’s role is to protect an individuals right when he or she has been accused of committing a crime, and to ensure that the individual is not prosecuted unjustly or falsely tried. A prosecutor presents evidence to prove that the defendant is guilty of the crime and the defense attorney tries to prove that the defendant is not guilty. They ensure that the defendant’s side of the story is heard, counteracts overcharging by the prosecution, and to supply their client with the best defense possible including: “providing legal counsel to client, arguing for legal innocence (not necessarily factual innocence), searching out violations of the defendant’s rights, and arguing for reduced penalties in some cases” (Meyer & Grant, p. 144). A prosecutor is paid by the state and cannot be hired, like a defense attorney, by an individual. They are hired by the public to punish those who commit crimes, in order to
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