Exclusionary Rule

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*Previously used in CJUS448-1340B-01 Criminal Investigation* Abstract The pages following below are a summary of what I have learned in each of the phases for this class. From handling evidence; to profiling a potential suspect; to interrupting a crime scene; we cover a wide arrange of areas in a small out of time. The below gives the reader insight to what was learned and the knowledge obtained. Exclusionary Rule Broken Down Good Morning cadets, let me first start off by saying you have chosen a great career path. Serving and protecting our communities and people is not easy but is very rewarding. It is also a position that should be treated with respect and dignity. I want to take the time to speak to you all today about…show more content…
I found it useful when learning and understanding the Exclusionary Rule to reference the below chart (National Paralegal College). It explains how evidence cannot be used if it violates the rights given to us under the United States Constitution (National Paralegal College). What the chart does not show is sometimes evidence that was used to other evidence that linked the suspect to the crime committed could possibly be inadmissible because of the Exclusionary Rule, which means your suspect who may have ultimately committed the crime goes free because the evidence cannot be used against him or…show more content…
There is no exact science to profiling and some people still do not believe a profile cane be very effective at all (O'Connor). Criminal profiling according to FBI reports in 1992 had a seventeen percent (17%) effectiveness (O'Connor). A lot of error with criminal profiling comes from stereotyping center groups. For instance the common misconception that all African American people steal, this is not a fact; has never been proven; and is a stereotype based on a few not the entire group. If a profiler was hired to make a profile of a thief and believes in stereotyping they could say the thief was African American but could be completely wrong because again, not all African Americans

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