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Language and Technology- With detailed reference to Text I and to relevant ideas from language study, explore how technology affects language use. This text is a series of text messages between Lola (L), two of her school friends (Natalie (N) and Sarah (S) and her Aunt Kate (K). All three of the texts would most likely take place in different situations as the conversations as the texts depend on how inhibited L is to share information with these people. The conversation between L and N appears to only take place because of a piece of work possibly set from school, which N appears to be stuck on. The second text between L and K is less obvious as to why it has taken place, but from what is there, the reader can see that K is older than L as she tells her that she asked the ‘girls at work 2 look after you’. However, there is a pragmatic element in this text by leaving the conjunction ‘or’ open and not following with another clause as this would usually initiate a question or relate to something the pair already knows about. The text between S and L makes it quite clear they are a lot closer than what L and N are, this is shown through the use of ‘XxXxXxXxXxXxXxXx’ from S, which suggests they know each other well and could also insinuate sarcasm as she soon reverts back to ‘Luv s xx’ in her next message. It is also suggested that the pair are close friends because L and S reply to each other with answers followed by another question, ‘Sure do! Do u wanna watch jackass the movie n luv actually 2moz?’ to make plans with each other. The text is wrote using mostly text speak, this means it uses things such as homophonic representation, phonic spellings and acronymy. This is a way of using different words or spellings and still managing to create conversation. For example, L uses acronymy, ‘lol’, instead of laugh out loud which is what is world-wide recognized for and

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