Examine the Contribution of Any Two of the Following to the Discipline of Anthropology Essay

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Examine the contribution of any two of the following to the discipline of Anthropology. a) Bronislaw Malinowski b)Radcliffe Brown c) Evans Pritchard Anthropology is the scientific study of humanity, seeks to explain how and why people are both similar and different through examination of our biological and cultural past and com perative study of existing human beings.Micheal Howard( 1996).The discipline of anthropology focuses on the various ways that people live and are shaped by social relations,history,political and economy. However human beings are not simply shaped by their environment in which they live, they also actively shape the environment in which they live. The discipline of anthropology can be viewed in different sights thus its contribution involves theorist like Bronislaw Malinowski, Radcliffe Brown Evans Pritchard, to mention just a few. The discipline of anthropology was formally taught at Oxford University in 1884 and later on the likes of Malinowski maybe described as one the top theorist to the contribution of anthropology as a discipline as he viewed on the side of the functionalist. He believed that for a society to function there is need for each individual to perform to adapt to a certain culture. Functionalist seeks to describe the different parts of a society and their relationship through the organic analogy. The organic analogy compared the different parts of a society to the organs of a living organism. The organism was able to live, reproduce and function through the organized system of its essential processes through the way that the different parts interacted together.Instutitions such as religion, kinship and the economy were the organs and individuals were the cells in this social organism. Functionalist analyses examine the social significance of phenomena that is the function they serve a particular society in maintaining

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