Examine the Changing Patterns of Marriage in Today's Society and the Sociological Reasons for These Changes.

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1) Examine the changing patterns of marriage in today's society and the sociological reasons for these changes. The patterns of marriage have drastically changed in modern society in contrast to the past with the patterns or marriage rapidly decreasing with time with only 170.800 new marriages recorded in 2005 which is less than half of the number recorded in 1970, however, in recent years the number or re-marriages has been on the increase an aspect in which functionalists would say is a good thing because it not shows that people are not turning their backs on as well as the total number of alternative living styles such as LATs (living apart together), Cohabitation and one person households. this is widely due to social changes a that have occurred over the past few recent years the decrease in marriage patterns can be linked to certain key contributing factors, factors that consist of things such as; declining stigma, secularisation, changing attitudes towards marriage, change in womens positions, fear of divorce and economic standing the aforementioned reasons all have their own contributing factors resulting in their change and ultimately leading to a declining marriage rate. the decline in stigma is related to the decline in stigma attached to alternative lifestyles to marriage much like LATs and cohabitation due to this decline in the attached stigma more people think that said alternate routes are the new way forward which is an idea most commonly found and shared by the younger generations and because of this more people are seeking these lifestyles, this is because many who believe that cohabitation and LATs are the way forward and because of this decline in the stigma attached to such alternate routes more people especially the younger generations are seeking these lifestyles. this could be down to the fact that many believe that the
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