Examine the Reason for Changes in the Size and Structure of the Population of the United Kingdom Since the Beginning of the 20th Century.

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There has been a long term decline in the number of births since the 1900, in that year, England and Wales had a birth rate of 28.7, but by 2007 it had fallen to 10.7. There have been fluctuation in birth rates due to the Baby booms in the 20th century. The first two baby boom happened after the war, this is due to service men returning home to their partner and they started the families that they postponed during the war years. The third baby boom in the 1960s, after which the birth rate fell shapely during the 1970. The rate rose during the 1980s, before falling again after the early 1990s, with a recent increase since 2001. Some of the factors that affects the size and structure of the population are the proportion of women who are of childbearing age and how fertile they are. The UK's fertility rate has risen since 2001, but it is still much lower than in the past. From an all-time low of 1.63 children per woman in 2001 to 1.84 by 2006. These changes in fertility shows that more women are remaining childless than in the past and women are postponing having children, older women may be less fertile and have fewer fertile years remaining, so they produce fewer children. Sociologist have identified many reason for the decline in birth rate since 1900, these reasons involve a range of social, economic, cultural, legal, political and technological factors. Changes in the position of women also plays a role in the decline of birth rate, this is because there was a major change in the position of women during the 20th century. The change in position of women include legal equality with men, including the right to vote, increased educational opportunity this enabled girls to do better at school than boy. More women in paid employment, plus laws outlawing unequal pay and sex discrimination. Changes in attitudes to family life and women's role in it and women now have
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