Evolution vs Intelligent Design

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Intelligent design is where we as humans were developed by a higher power with all the proper parts to function. Evolution is where we as humans evolved from another living organism. These two theories have been challenged by many scientists for many years. I believe that we as humans came from a higher power based upon the bible which supports intelligent design. I believe that evolution is developed by scientist with a bunch of theories with no concrete evidence. So therefore we as humans coming from a higher power supports my hypothesis for intelligent design. An example that a scientist for intelligent design, Michael Behe stated that “if you take a piece off of a mousetrap the mousetrap will not work so therefore it has no other use” (Boss, 2010. Pg 397). This supports my initial hypothesis because if you take a functioning part from a human such as their brain or heart the part and the human will have no function. Evolutionists state that if you take a piece of a mousetrap off it still has other functions for use. According to Kenneth Miller he states that “if you take the bar of the mouse trap it could be used as a toothpick so it still has function” (Boss, 2010. Pg 397). I believe that even though he took off the piece of the mouse trap and used it for something else the primary function ceased to exist. It doesn’t support my initial hypothesis because the primary use is used for something completely unattended for. Going back and evaluating my initial hypothesis I still believe in the intelligent design theory. Intelligent design is where we as humans came from a higher power with all the proper parts to function. If you take away one of our parts like our brain or our heart will we have no function and our parts will have no function outside of our body. Reference List: BOSS, J. (2010). Science. In Think: Critical Thinking and Logic
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