The Importance Of Robots

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Will robots take over the world? This is a question that has grown in concern over the last few decades and with the sudden arrival of the Digital Age it does not show any sign of stopping. Headlines such as “The robots are coming to steal our jobs” manage to instil fear into the general public while not explaining why or how this will happen. Furthermore, many media outlets may lead you to believe that it is already here. I say otherwise. Robots will not ‘steal’ our jobs and they are certainly not going to exterminate humanity. Unless, they’re given help. What most people don’t realise is that the real threat to humanity is not the robots, but the utilisation of robots by humans and our general incompetence towards using them. All throughout history humans have made unnecessary sacrifices for money and power. We have lied to, stole and murdered our fellow peers to make our lives a little better. Of course not all humans are like this, in fact, most of them are…show more content…
Since robots don’t have a conscience or even a moral compass it all has to be programmed logically and absolutely into an artificial intelligence (AI), something which does not work particularly when coding emotions or human common sense. As, if these are programmed incorrectly or improperly it could do some stupid things, like cook the cat for dinner because there’s nothing in the fridge and the kids are hungry or maybe it will put one of the kids in the oven so it can stock up some meals for the week. It doesn’t see any other reason why a human would have more than one. Life is full of situations like these and if robots are unable to replicate these –sometimes illogical- decisions, then you are not going to want one near you or your

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