The Difference Between Qualia and Physical Knowledge

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Danqing Han PHIL 101 Colin Mclear December 12, 2014 Assignment (Topic 2) The difference between Qualia and physical knowledge Knowledge Argument is a negative point of view about physcalism. Since physcalism always focuses on the theory that everything exists in the world must be a physical fact. And we don’t mind if it happens in the past, present, or future, because with time going material remains the same and can be explained by physical knowledge naturally. All in all, from the perspective of materialists, the origin of the world is material. And material consists of physical property, chemic property, and biologic property. Nevertheless, psychological property is just the effect of brainstorming. Consequently, the world doesn’t depend on physical material in Knowledge Argument. In this essay, I will introduce Knowledge Argument by giving two experiments Frank Jackson come up with and analyze the following problems present for physicalism. Next, I will explain Lewis’s reply about why Knowledge Argument can’t refute physicalism. Finally, I will express my own opinion and show my reasons. Frank Jackson puts knowledge Argument forward. Although he thinks that physical knowledge provides us with some information relate to the world, and help people to understand the world in an objective way. However, in the process of experience, human cannot feel the “feeling” using the concepts of that “feeling”, which is named Qualia. For example, although someone has learnt all the theories he should know to generate the sense of pain, he can’t predict the result when the sense of pain really happens. Therefore, Qualia cannot be simply identified by physical knowledge, because it is subjective, and will change with environment’s change. In order to make the argument more convictive, Frank Jackson designed an experiment to explain that Qualia is nonphysical, and
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