Are Human Beings Unique from Other Living Organisms

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Even though human beings are considered to be on an equivalent level to that of other living organisms, I am of the belief that were uniquely created by God and are very much different and more developed than other species. In this journal I will to explicate the reason behind my view on how human are unique from other earthly forms of life. Biologically, it has been proven that humans are very similar to a majority of other earthly creatures. For instance humans and a number of animals encompass the same body cells, biochemical composition, reproductive systems and physical features. But is this enough to dismiss the fact that human beings are not a unique species created by God. I totally disagree. I believe the mere fact that humans have the ability to reflect, envision, craft and learn from their past experiences is what sets them apart from other species on the earth. As humans, we are the only species who is capable of generating advanced technologies on a large scale and gaining scientific knowledge of ourselves and the world we live in (Benchmarks, 2009). Another feature humans encompass that is distinctive from other living organisms is their unnatural behaviour. This is illustrated through the development of cultures, moral values and ethic, languages, skills, knowledge and emotions. No other living organism is capable of developing these attributes to the extent human beings have. In terms of culture each human society consists of their exclusive culture and this is considered their way of life. Other living organisms do not practice this but instead do what they need to do for survival. They (other living organisms were not created to have interest in having moral values, languages or emotions, but instead their sole and sometimes only interest is to maintain survival. (Pratt, 2009). In conclusion the human species is considered more
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