Eve's Bayou

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Eve’s Bayou Eve’s Bayou, a movie set in rural Louisiana, opens with a party. People dancing, drinking, and a high class image of the African- American family. The Batistes' wealth and social standing is interesting during this time period. A voice is soon heard in the background, which almost serves as foreshadowing. I had to watch the movie again to establish that the voice was Eve’s voice, but as an adultOne concept that is important in this film is theme; the overall universal theme is growth. Mood of the film and style also play a role in presenting the film as a whole. The central theme of this movie deals with providing insight into a growth experience, the special kinds of situations or conflicts that cause important changes in the characters involved. This theme is very evident in the main character of Eve. Many adult actions occur throughout the movie that causes young Eve to begin to change and reform. Issues involved include: terror, jealousy, violence, death, abductions, seduction of virtuous young women in the sentimental novel tradition, and revelations of crimes and punishments. Eve’s Bayou is a classic example of good vs. evil and has a central theme and focus of the movie’s structure. The movie opens with an ominous black and white scene. This scene shows us bits and pieces of what seems like a vision. This scene also presents itself once again throughout the movie. The “visions” scene guides the movie as somewhat mysterious and mystical. The supernatural also plays a huge role in the film. Not only does Eve posses somewhat of a gift to uncover the truth about things but her Aunt Moselle is a spiritual guide for many of the residents of their small community in Louisiana. I feel as though the films basic appeal is very much aesthetic. A scene that strikes as significant in this film, is the scene where the eve’s father

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