Jean Louise Finch

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Jean Louise Finch (‘Scout’) Jean Louise Finch, also known as “Scout” is the protagonist of the story. She lives with her older brother Jeremy Atticus Finch (‘Jem’), her father Atticus Finch and their black cook Calpurnia. Scouts role in the story is to be the child who proves to people their wrong doing through her innocence. She represents the purity in children’s minds and how they are unaffected by society’s narrow-minded and judgemental ways. She has faith in the integrity of the people in her community. Scout is also very considerate. One form of her consideration is shown when she speaks of the equality between black and white people. “I think there’s just one type of folk, folk.’ Her father is her role model and she would do anything to make him proud. This is shown most strongly when people form school start making racial and discriminative comments towards the Finch family. When Atticus hears of this he tells Scout to “keep those fists down” and “try fighting with your head for a change”. And so even when a student from her school shouts out “Scout’s a cow-ard” when she walks away from her first fight she thinks back “Atticus so rarely asked Jem and me to do something for him, I could take being called a coward for him”. Scout plays a very important role in the story line of To Kill a Mockingbird with her curiosity, courage and intelligence. She also in some ways symoblises a mockingbird, through her
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