Evaluate the Claim That Migration Is Positively Valued in the Uk.

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Assignment 06 Option1: Evaluate the claim that migration is positively valued in the UK. Migration is the movement of people from one place to another. There are two forms of migration, one being internal migration which involves the movement of people within a country and the other is international migration which is the movement from one country to another. This assignment will focus on the latter and will evaluate the controversies surrounding migration in the UK. There is a division in opinions regarding migration and the different views are heavily politically argues and have also become an everyday household discourse. Recently the debate has become frequently discussed and has intensified due to the UK opening its borders to eight Eastern European countries known as the A8 countries in 2004. This has provided the UK with a positive net migration and has created much heated dispute surrounding various issues regarding migration. Government statistics, newspaper articles and political blogging sites often use different systems to actually define a migrant. This can be confusing and can also have a profound effect on the opinion of those who depend on statistical data for evidence. By using potentially deceiving data it is possible for the writer to convince the reader to agree with their opinion. This will ultimately depend on what the writer’s initial motives are, and these motives will consist of a ‘for’ and ‘against’ strategy but can also have a diplomatic approach. There is a variety of explanations to suggest why migrants want to inhabit the UK. These reasons may be because of family or friend connections, a better standard of living, education, better job prospects or maybe they are unfortunately trying to escape poverty, trauma or even political dispute. The UK is perceived as an attractive country which is full of opportunity and offering
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