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University of Phoenix Material EthicsGame Simulation Worksheet Student Name: _______Student __________________ Facilitator: _________________________ Complete the interactive EthicsGame simulation, located on the University of Phoenix student website for Week Five. Note. You can only go through the simulation once, so please use this worksheet to take notes. The simulation uses the following decision model with the indicated critical decision points. Take notes about your decisions or make a copy of the screen when you complete the work to ensure you have the information needed to write your reflection at the end of the simulation. The Mysterious Roses Step 1: Be attentive. What is the issue? Screen 4 Notes: Which issue…show more content…
(Incorrect) While you want to avoid a lawsuit, this statement of the issue is much too broad. You want to state the issue narrowly enough that you can effectively work through the problem. How to answer Gayle's request for confidentiality in your meeting. (Correct) This is the first issue that must be resolved. Everything else in this problem depends on how you and Gayle resolve her request that you not disclose to anyone else in the company what she tells you. How to handle Bill's harassment of Gayle. (Incorrect) Although some of the evidence suggests Gayle wants to talk to you about feeling harassed by the flowers you know Bill is sending, you do not actually know that Gayle feels harassed. This is not the primary issue. How to make sure you get an effective harassment program in place to avoid future incidents. (Incorrect) Maybe you should review the company's policies when you've resolved this matter. First, however, you need to address the immediate issue: Gayle's concerns. Be Intelligent—Prioritize the…show more content…
Here’s a method you can use to find them. For each stakeholder, ask yourself: 1. What would happen to this stakeholder if I did nothing? 2. What would happen to this stakeholder if I tried to help them in this situation? Who are the primary stakeholders in this problem? The Shareholders (Correct) The original notion was that the shareholders were the only stakeholders of any consequence. The purpose of a company was to maximize shareholder value. The stakeholder theory acknowledges the shareholder’s importance but asserts that they aren’t the only ones whose interests should be considered. The Board of Directors (Incorrect) They are responsible for shepherding the process of reporting the results. While they care about the integrity of the clinical trials, in this particular setting they are not actively involved in the decision. Carson Nelson, Chief Executive Officer (Incorrect) While the CEO will eventually be part of the conversation, the primary conversation will be happening with the Chief Legal Officer. Cary Bryant, Chief Legal

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