Ethics Movie : Rise Of Planet Apes

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Q1. What is this movie all about? This movie is about to describe the situation where human beings and animals have right to act on their own and be treated by others in a certain way, without asking for permission or being dependent on other people’s good will. Apes are caught to be sent to Jacob’s Company. Will is a scientist at Jacob’s Company. He was trying to develop a cure for Alzheimer’s disease by testing a genetically engineered gene therapy on the apes. The drug success in mutates a female ape, and giving them a human level of intelligence. This female ape goes on a rampage when she thinks that her baby is threatened. This ape is killed by human beings because human beings believed their assets and life is threatened. Will discovers the baby ape. He raises the baby, Caesar in his house. Will’s father is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. Will frequently takes Caesar to redwood forest so that Caesar can enjoy more open space compare to his house. Caesar starts questioning his status in the opinion of Will. He did not like his status as a human pet. Will tells the truth and the background of himself and Caesar to Caesar. After few years later, Alzheimer’s disease suffered by Will’s father has reached the serious stage. Will tests a sample of his cure on his father. The sample has cures his father’s disease in short term. However, the immune system fights off the virus and dementia return. Will forces to send Caesar to Primate Sanctuary after Caesar attacks a neighbor of Will due to the reason to protect Will’s father. Will is not satisfied the result of his cure. He asks Jacob to help him to continue the medical research. However, the medicine invent by him did not reach the stage of safe to cure human. The medicine is only suitable and benefit to the apes. There are drawbacks on the medicine invent by Will. Apes are been abuse by the employees in

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