Timmy's Argumentative Essay: The Theory Of Evolution

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“Hey mom! Guess what I learned from school today,” Timmy yelled as he burst through the front door. “Well it must be very interesting to get you all worked up about it,” replied Timmy’s mother. “We evolved from monkeys! No wonder why daddy is so hairy,” Timmy exclaimed as he jumped all over the living room pretending to be a monkey. Oh dear! He’s learning evolution, Timmy’s mother thought in her head. The evolution of human beings from apes may seem ludicrous but when you mention the term evolution, many people would actually say that it’s the belief that humans evolved from apes. This misunderstanding of evolution can cause people to dismiss the whole theory and believe in creationism or intelligent design. Creationism is the belief that the world was created by God as stated in Genesis, the first book of…show more content…
There is actual evidence that back up the theory of evolution. Many people have gone on the search for the “Ark”, which Noah built and stored a male and female of each species of animals for 40 days and 40 nights as the Earth flooded, and have failed to find the true “Ark”. Smaller arks have been found in the Turkish mountains but were not proven to be the “Ark”. Also, if the Earth was flooded, shouldn’t scientists be able to find evidence of a huge flood? There are five main reasons why people would choose to not believe in evolution. 1. No transitional forms exists today. 2. If the earth is really as old as scientist say it is, there should be a lot more layers of fossils, sediment levels should be higher, and concentration of sodium should be higher in ocean waters. 3. There are no evolutionary theories of how the compound eye has formed. 4. Allegory (in Genesis, the book of the Bible which accounts for the creation of the Earth and life, “days” could have meant “ages”.) 5. Evolution doesn’t explain any purpose or reason for life.

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