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Kevin Crowley 12/12/13 The Hot Zone The Hot Zone starts off with a man named Charles Monet who is a man studying the highly deadly and mostly unknown virus called Ebola. He enters a cave called Kitum Cave on the mountain of Elgon in Kenya on a science expedition. What he doesn’t notice is that he has contracted Marburg the sister virus of Ebola which is still deadly but a little less than Ebola. As he got on the plane to go back to where he was staying he started throwing up something called black vomit which is a vomit that mostly is composed of the virus and his stomach innards. As he lands he is taken to Nairobi Hospital were his condition worsens by the minute. He eventually crashes and bleeds out which…show more content…
After a lot of the monkeys in this room die very quickly the manager named Bill Volt calls Dan Dalgard a consultant doctor that would help examine the monkeys. They then call the Army when the situation gets worse. The army calls in Nancy and Jerry Jaxx and the use them alone with Gene Johnson a civilian who has studied the Marburg and Ebola virus, Frederick A. Murphy a virologist who was one of the co-founders of the Ebola virus and the first to photograph it. After Nancy collects some of the dead monkeys for testing they’re sent to the lab so they can find out what kind of Ebola or Marburg it is. They are shocked when it turns out to be most closely related to Ebola Zaire which is bad news because they are 15 miles from Washington D.C. After many more monkeys die and the virus seems to be traveling through the air Dan Dalgard hands over the entire facility to the Army. The army team led by Gene, Nancy, and Jerry close down the building and fit the monkey rooms with level 4 bio containment precautions. They decide that as far as they know no one has been infected yet and sense they don’t want anyone to become infected they “Nuke” the building. “Nuking” the building means they kill all the monkeys leaving not even the healthy looking ones behind. Many obstacles get in their way while doing this

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