Ethical Issues Involved In Health Education Campaign Essay

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P5- Explain ethical issues involved in the health education campaign. Truthfulness Truthfulness is when you report your findings truthfully and accurately. This means that when you find something you should report it as you found it and not change them if they do not match what you were looking for. Safety Safety in a health education campaign is when you make sure the individuals involved in the campaign are safe and not harmed from the activities they may be asked to do. Trust Trust is when you have full confidence in someone and you can tell them anything in confidence and trust that they will not tell anyone else. When carrying out a campaign you be aware that you do not abuse the trust of the people that are being studied…show more content…
This is because they may not want to be recorded and if they find out, you may not be able to use the information gathered. Feedback Feedback is when you give back information of what you have found from your research to those who were involved. This is because they may want to know how their input helped in the outcome of the overall research and find out if the research was a success. Vulnerable People Vulnerable people are those that need to have their feelings handled with special care. You need to address them in a way that will not upset them or make them feel unhappy. False hope False hope is when you tell someone something that will happen but is not true or you have no control over whether it happens or not. For example, telling someone that if they contribute to the study it will help in changing something. Anonymity Protecting someone’s identity is very important in a research project, if you have told the individual that identity is going to be kept a secret. You have to make sure that the identity will be kept a secret and not get out which will cause problems for u and the

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