The Ethical Code Advertising

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The Ethical Code for Business: Advertising An advertising firm exists to make money, as with any other business. The firm may serve its purpose of making money by helping and independent record label get the word out about upcoming releases and concert dates by its artists, or it may spread the word about new products hitting the shelves from a well-known soft drink manufacturer. In advertising the code of ethics include the principles respect all people, honor all agreements, think before you act, strive for excellence in everything you do, give clients your best advice without fear, and compete fairly. A firm makes agreements as expressions of trust. Agreements, written or spoken, are to be honored as they are made to clients, colleagues and suppliers. These include contracts, commissions, fees, charges, salaries, deadlines, etc. It is not ethical to hold out on paying suppliers when you said you would. Do not settle for less than the best you can be. Encourage your staff members to excel and reward them appropriately. Support one another in times of personal crisis. Concerning clients, develop an open, trusting relationship that can last through the ups and downs of business. Do not go along with giving mediocre service. If a client makes a demand that is unfair simply say no. Concerning suppliers, trust them, work with them. Give them enough time to do quality work. Respect them and share your successes with them. Give clients the best advice without fear or favor. An advertising firm has a responsibility to ensure that the advice we give is the best we are capable of. Act in the best interest of your client. Instead of telling clients what they want to hear, just tell them what they need to know. Always recommend what is right for your client, even if it is not in your agency’s best financial interests. Think before you act. Before agreeing to a

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