Ethical Dilemma Essay

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An Ethical Dilemma Business ethics can be defined as the study of “the principles, values, and standards that guide the behaviors in the world of business (Ferrell, Fraedrich, Ferrell, 8th Ed). However, when these behaviors turn into unacceptable business practices, an ethical issue occurs. Chapter 2 of the book initiates with an ethical dilemma taking place at Aker & Aker Accounting firm, involving both Jack, the supervisor; and Carla, the subordinate. An ethical issue, as the book defines, is a problem or situation which requires further investigation or thought to reach a decision on how to solve it. There are quite a few ethical issues in this case: employee theft, company resource abuse, and conflict of interest, misuse of company’s confidential information, lying, and intimidating behavior. First, Jack has misusing the company’s confidential information (software) to do work for some clients outside of A&A. Consequently, there is a conflict of interest present because Jack represents A&A and has gained the trust of the company; however, he has chosen to advance on his own interest while using the company’s resources rather than putting the interest of A&A first. He has been doing the same job he is supposed to do only for the firm, but for clients of his own, representing himself; hence, profiting himself. Jacks’ ethical issues arise when he is denied a promotion to a partner’s position in the firm. By stealing the company’s software for auditing and consulting, Jack would have the means to build clientele on the side and eventually build his own company. Jack is being dishonest because he is intentionally taking these unethical actions, which make him untrustworthy. Furthermore, Jack is revealing an intimidating behavior by making it clear to Carla that he is aware of her own practices within the firm, which also involve company resource

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