Ethical and Social Responsiveness

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Key areas of The Cheesecake Factory’s Code of Conduct Some key areas of The Cheesecake Factory’s Code of Conduct are: • Conflicts of Interest. The Cheesecake Factory sees many different things as conflicts of interest. One that has stood out to me is Business and Financial Interests. The Cheesecake Factory sees the employee, or any relative of the employee, owning interest or having investments in another company, customer, supplier, or contractor as a conflict of interest with the company, unless it is fewer than 5% ownership. This is important because if an employee has interest or investments in a company that is a competitor the employee could possibly working at the company so that they can steal secrets of the business, or they could be there to sabotage the business so that it can go under. This could also cause the competitor to claim that the Cheesecake Factory is using that employee to gain information on their business. If an employees has part ownership of the companies suppliers or contractors it could cause problems for the company because the employee could possibly sway them to do business with another company that will give them more business or is willing to pay more for goods and services. • Non-Raid and Non-Disparage Issues. This section of the code of conduct does not allow former employees of The Cheesecake Factory to disparage the company or its officers in an attempt to discredit the company, its assets, or future growth. It also does not allow former staff to defame the company, its existing staff or its practices to discourage guests or potential job candidates. The only time a former employee can disparage the company is if it is applicable by law. Former employees are also prohibited from trying to recruit current staff away from the company for 2 years from the date of termination. This is important because The Cheesecake Factory needs

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