Decision Making Ethical Behavior

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Decision Making and Ethical Behavior 1 The purpose of this paper is to look at Decision Making and Ethical Behavior in the work place. This paper will address common characteristics of poor decision making, along with ways of resisting requests to act unethically. The paper will also address what influences impact ethical behavior and how organizations can influence ethical behavior in the work place. To complete this task outside resources, such as books and articles will be utilized. According to decision making confidence, decision making is defined as ,” The process of mapping the likely consequences of decisions, working out the importance of individual factors, and choosing the best course of action to take”. According to Wise, Ethic is defined as, “the behavior that a business adheres to in its daily dealings with the world”. Ethic takes on many different forms with any organization, how ethics impacts employees is very important to the success and failure of the company. The process of poor decision making and unethical business go hand and hand for an organizational failure in the work place. Poor decision making in the workplace can be contributed to several factors to include; not realizing when and why one needs to make a decision; failure to remember goals. According to Business Law, “while confidence is a personal trait essential to success, overconfidence or over optimism is one of the most common reasons for bad decisions.” Failure to understand an issue and failure to commit resources and act on the decision that was made is also a common characteristic of a poor decision maker. Within the workplace most managers are paid to make decisions that will have a great effect on the company and the employees, but most managers are Decision Making and Ethical Behavior 2 unable to make those decisions that are ethical and sound decisions
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