Ethical and Legal Issues in Nursing

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You are called as a witness in a malpractice case. The incident occurred more than 3 years ago. The case is against the healthcare institution and a nurse whom you know was overtly negligent. This negligence resulted in harm to the client in question. On several previous occasions you observed the nurse violating standards of care. You reported these incidents to the administration. At the time of the incident in question, you kept personal anecdotal notes because you were concerned about a possible lawsuit in the future. You are still an employee of the healthcare institution involved. You are asked if you have ever witnessed other incidents of negligence performed by this nurse and, if so, what you did. What is your responsibility to your employer, the nurse being sued, the client in question, and the institution’s clients? What do you do? To whom is your obligation? (Blain & Hayes, 2011, p. 91). 1. Describes how the ANA Code of Nursing Ethics would influence a final decision in each case study. * In the case of the nurse witness, her code of ethics clearly states she is to be honest and as accurate as possible to aid in any law procedures. * Provide all information * Be truthful * If you do not remember say no do not speculate. * Only give information on events that you witnessed

2. Describes how personal and societal values can influence ethical decision-making. * Personal values play a part in ethical decision-making. Individuals make ethical decisions based on what was expected of them growing up, religion, personal integrity, cultural background, personal experience, honesty and judgment. This process involves giving individuals the benefit of the doubt and making sure dignity of individuals is respected in the decision making process (Coltier & Greif, 2007). *

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