Issues of Nurses Negligence

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Everyone makes mistakes in their life; it is a human nature to make mistakes, however, mistake that cause harm to others could be considered negligence. There are so many cases that arise every year related to nurse’s negligence that either took patient’s life or patient and family had to suffer because of nurse’s negligence and malpractice. In this research paper, I will discuss three legal nurses negligence cases from Board of nursing adjudicated in year 2011.These cases are related to gross negligence. I will relate these cases with National patient safety goal with the year, when actual negligence occurred and how each situation could have been prevented and what nurse should have done to prevent the negligence related to patient safety.
First, I will start with case No. 2011-962; adjudicated on June 3rd 2011.This registered nurse received her RN license in 1987. Accusation was held against her related to gross negligence and unprofessional conduct in four different causes for discipline and all happened in year 2007. According to one of the accusations: Gross Negligence/Incompetence: (a) under Code section 2761 (a)(1), on the grounds of gross negligence and/or incompetence, Respondent failed to timely notify patient's physician of the deterioration in his health care status. On July 13,2007, respondent was assigned to care for patient, who was admitted to the intensive care unit. From 11p.m., on July 13,2007 to approximately 4:45 a.m., on July 14, 2007, patient experienced a deterioration in his vital signs of decreased blood pressures and oxygen saturation levels. In addition during this time frame, several cardiac measurements were abnormal. During the above time frame, Nurse did not notify patient’s physician of his progressively deteriorating condition. Patient was coded at approximately 4:46 a.m., on July 14,2007, and expired later that evening.
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