Ethical Analysis of the Movie the School Ties

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With my education I display Personal Reward, like David and probably most of the other boys at St. Matthews. I go to school not because I just want to go to be educated, I go because I am using the school, yes for education but for my own personal reward, for my future to get into a good university. The honor code used at St. Matthews can be tied into a few things we learned in class, one including morals. The boys follow the moral code and the moral code as been put into place because the school believes that it is what's right, it is a way the boys can achieve good, by following the code. The moral code is also a type of ethics called deontological ethics which is a philosophy by Kant saying that we tend towards doing the right thing because it is our duty, so it is the duty of the boys at school to follow the moral code, for example it is their duty to tell the teacher when they've seen someone cheat on a test. David displays one of the seven Cardinal virtues; courage. He displays courage when the boys begin to dislike him because he is Jewish, he puts his Star of David necklace on either way. He is showing fortitude in a time of fear. About the Movie Kohlberg's Stages of Moral Development Connections to my Life Connections to Class The movie School Ties follows the life of a Jewish high school senior David Greene (Brendan Fraser) who transfers to a prep school in Massachusetts after being awarded a football scholarship. Upon arrival David soon learns about the school’s honor code and his classmates prejudism towards Jews. David finally starts to feel accepted by the other boys until he lands position as quarterback, stealing it from new friend Charlie Dillon (Matt Damon), also using him to block opposing teammate and scoring the winning touchdown and later also stealing Charlie’s “girlfriend. Drama kicks in after the game at dinner when Charlie Dillon discovers

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