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Looking for Alaska By: John Green Report by: Carina Pattichis Carina Pattichis 5.2: Book Report Portfolio 3 12/25/2014 Summary Miles “Pudge” Halter is the new student at the prestigious Culver Creek Preparatory School in Birmingham, Alabama. Unpopular at his old school, Pudge is nervous about making new friends but he is immediately taken in by his roommate, Chip “the Colonel” Martin and introduced to the rag-tag group of friends including Takumi Hikohito, Lara Buterskaya, and the beautiful, mysterious Alaska Young. The night before school begins, Pudge is taken from his bed in the middle of the night, duct taped like a mummy, and thrown into the school’s lake. He survives and the Colonel promises revenge in the form of pranks against their rivals, the wealthy day students known as the Weekday Warriors. Early on in the semester Pudge is kicked out of his World Religion class for daydreaming and is admonished by his teacher, Dr. Hyde, for not being present in the moment. Pudge grows closer to his new friends as the Colonel is kicked out of every basketball game for jeering too much, Alaska tutors Pudge in pre-calculus, and the group is caught smoking by the dean of students, Mr. Starnes (known as the Eagle), at their favourite hangout spot, the Smoking Hole. An important element to their friendship is trust. Although Takumi reveals Alaska was the one who ratted out her roommate the year before and Pudge is unsure about trusting Alaska, he agrees to stay on campus with her for the Thanksgiving break. The two spend their time snooping through other students’ rooms, watching porn together, and eating Thanksgiving at the Colonel’s house with his mother. When the students return from Christmas break, the gang plans their ‘pre-prank’ called Barn Night in which Pudge and Takumi set off a series of fireworks to lead the Eagle away from his house while Alaska send

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