Establishment of Jamestown

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Explain the establishment of JAMESTOWN! Who? Why? Motivation? When? The experience, struggle ? Who:In 1607, Jamestown was established by Virginia Company of England, a joint-stock company, and it was the the first settlement in Virginia colonies. Why, Motivation :Jamestown was established mostly to look for gold, silver and other materials. England the investors in Virginia Company of London, was trying enrich themselves.Therefore, all the voyagers sent by England to sail to Jamestown were all males. England’s goal was solely to look for economical profit Experience : Struggles : Unfortunate, things was not going on well. Jamestown wasn’t an area that is rich in silver, gold or other materials. Moreover, all the males sent to Jamestown were mostly “gentlemen” coming from rich families, bringing along with them house servants. These men were not the type to do hard labor works. Men in Jamestown didn’t produce any food and depended on the food supply they brought from England, which didn’t last long. Fortunately, colonists in Jamestown got food supply from the Native there, which helped Jamestown to survive the first winter. Moreover, colonists in Jamestown also suffered from diseases. Besides, another major problem encountered by the colonists there was polluted water. Since Jamestown was located at the estuary point of the river. The estuary point is where the river water and the salty water from the ocean meet, causing swirling water with high content of salt. Since the river is the only water supply for Jamestown, colonists in Jamestown got killed from the polluted and salty water. All these problems caused the “starving time” in the period of 1609-1610 in Jamestown with extremely high death rate. The number of settlers in Jamestown dropped from 500 in fall of 1609 to 60 in spring of 1610. Besides, at this time, the Native refused to help men in Jamestown
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