The Starving Time

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The Starving Time In the year 1608, the colonists of Jamestown faced a disastrous winter known as the “starving time.”(The starving time pg.1) During this particular winter countless colonists died. the starving time occured due to the fact that the colonists were only interasted in finding gold, they had little agricultural knowlege, and the Indians were not happy with the colonists. These three factors dug the bariles of the colonists. Jamestown was funded in 1607 by the Virgina Company of London. The inverstors had one thing in mind, gold. Their goal was to repeat the success of the Spaniards who found gold in South America. This is when Jamestwon was born. Jamestown was named after King James the first and was made up of mostly men, the ration was six men to one women. The colonists spent most of their time looking for gold instead of farming. Only one man named John Smith was smart enough to map the area in witch they settled in and make frinds with the indians. When the harsh winter approached the food supplies diminised. The colonists had nothing to eat and referred to canniblism to survive. John Smith said, " amongst the rest did kill his wife, powdered [i.e., salted] her, and had eaten part of her." ( The starving time pg.2) This shows that the colonists were so daspreat for food that they did anything to obtain it. Not only did the colonists spend most of their time looking for gold but they also had little agricultural experiance. To make things worse, the land of which they setteled on was swampy and desease infested. John Smith said, "The colonists, a group with little agricultural experience and weighted with gentry, instead found a swampy and disease-ridden site." (The starving time pg.2) The men of jamestown were businnes men and were very self interasted. The colonists knew a little about farming but they didnt know exacly how to farm.
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