The Indians New World

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The Indians’ New World By: James H. Merrell The Indians’ New World, by James Merrell, is an article that was meant to describe how the lives of the Native Americans were greatly impacted when European settlers invaded their land. This article shows how the natives were excluded from the New World because, unlike the settlers and slaves brought to the New World, they had already been there. The natives were experiencing most of what the new settlers and slavers were, they were forces to adapt to the changes in the New World because it was slowly becoming less familiar to them with all the changes the Europeans made. The Indians’ New World shows that, although the natives had already lived in America for quite some time, the world they were living in once the Europeans arrived was not just as new to them as it was to the settlers but it was also more harmful for their ways of life. One of the main ideas of this article was to open the read’s eyes to how many hardships the natives had to face starting with the rapid destruction of their population. “Alien microbes killed vast numbers of natives, sometimes before the victims had seen a white of black face.”(pg. 4). The disease that spread through the New World had wiped out many Native Americans, especially targeting the old and the young. The population of the natives was lowered to an amount they left them without enough people to sustains their lifestyles, they didn’t have enough people to hunt, gather, and farm, and they didn’t have the elders to keep their traditions and values alive. With the fast spread of disease the natives had almost no choice but to join other tribes for protection and to sustain their way of life to even a small extent. The article also spoke about how the natives had become too reliant on the settlers for trade and had slowly become too twisted into the trade. “Liquor, for example,
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