Est-1 Task 1

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EST1- TASK 1 A. Evaluation After reviewing and evaluating the information regarding Company Q and their current attitude towards social responsibility, I find that Company Q has not made the commitment to operating socially responsible. Social responsibility means that a company operates in a manner that accounts for the social and environmental impact created by the business. It also means that the company operates in a way that is not solely focus on profits but it is actively in compliance with ethical standards. The functions of being socially responsible also means that the company has goals of embracing the social responsibility and encourages positive impact throughout the environment, its employees, its consumers and its communities. The company encourages and contributes to the economic growth and improving the local community and society. Company Q's is not embracing being socially responsible by closing two stores in higher crime rate areas because they are losing money. They failed to recognize that by making changes throughout the specific stores, not only could they have become profitable, but would have been able to provide local jobs in the community. Company Q failed to act in a timely manner to stock stores with health conscience and organic foods that were requested by customers for two years. Not only were they not socially responsible by not actively providing the need to the stores in the community, but missed the opportunity to make a profit on high margin foods. Company Q was socially irresponsible when the local food bank asked for day-old products and they denied the donation. Instead, the food was thrown in the trash. B.RECOMMENDATIONS My first recommendation is for Company Q to revisit the opening of the two stores that were closed due to money loss. It is important for stores to stock up food based on location
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