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Has anyone in here had backaches, delirium, excessive bleeding, diarrhea, fatigue, high fever, vomiting, severe headache, or even a raised pink rash that turns into sores and becomes crusty on day 8 or 9? Well if so than these are some of the symptoms of smallpox. There are two forms of smallpox. Variola major is a serious illness that can be life threatning in people who have not been vaccinated and another is Variola minor that is a milder infection that rarely causes death. It usually takes 12-14 days after a person has been infected for symptoms to appear. Even though we don't hear much about this serious and contagious disease these days it was once found throughout the world causing illnesses and death whenever it occured. It mainly affected children and young adults. A massive program by the World Health Organization wiped out…show more content…
Those labratories were the centers for disease control in Atlanta, Gorgia and one in Russia. Russia however started a program to produce the smallpox virus in large amounts for weapons. Some people believe that other countries may also hold some stores of the smallpox virus. The risk factors for smallpox include being a lab worker who handles the virus which would be rare or being in an environment where the virus was released as a biological weapon. Smallpox could be deliberately spread by aerosol. It would spread easily because the virus stays very stable in aersol form. Also it would take no more than 50-100 cases of smallpox to cause an international concern and emergency measures would need to be taken immediately. So in conclusion smallpox is known as a very contagious disease that can be carried from one person to another by saliva as well as bed sheets and clothing. Also it seems as though this could be a serious weapon for some countries to as a form of

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