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The whaler The Whaler is set on a meadow, a May morning. The main character, which name we do not know, meets an old whaler. We get a feeling of very idyllic surroundings; it feels as if we are there, on the meadow with wet grass and seasounds. The town just awakening and the sun is stretching its arms out from the covers of the skies. The main character, the young boy, is a boy with a huge imagination. He is fascinated by the old whaler, who becomes some sort of an idol to the boy. He has already got a great knowledge about whaling and geography from books, and it is also in these books his imagination grows. He is bound by the adventures from the strories he read and therefore dreaming about whaling far, far away at the sea. The meeting with the whaler makes a huge impact on the young boy. A lot of things happen and the boy begins to transform from being a boy to being a man. During the meeting the whaler shares a few secrets with the boy that effectively alters his view of life and his view of his hero, the whaler. The first secret is the one that shatters his respect of the whaler. The whaler tells that he has never seen a whale before. The truth strikes him as a hard fist in his stomach. His belief is crushed and the whaler transforms into an ordinary man in his eyes, as ordinary as any other man in the town. A small piece of the boy dies at this point. The second secret is that he has had an affair with the young boy’s school teacher, Eileen Early. This also makes a huge impact on the young boy; in fact, it makes a bigger impact then the secret about the whales since it was the school teacher that made the boy love God. How could she talk about God and religion and then do something like this? Thoughts like this are likely going through his mind when he hears this from the whaler. The whaler also tells him about sex. When the young boy views the hillocks

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