Essay On The Role Of Women In The Civil War

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Favor Mbamalu Mrs. Scott-Jackson How the Civil War Affected the Roles of Women 12 January 2018 How the Civil War Affected the Roles of White Women Before the Civil War began, southern wealthy white women were only known to cook, take care of children, and were limited to only performing household tasks. Working-class southern white women were known to work and also perform the same household and domestic tasks that wealthy white women did. Thankfully, the Civil War gave these women a big chance to prove themselves by performing serious tasks that only men were known to do. The Civil War was very important in changing the role of women because they took on ¨man roles¨ like their husbands’ jobs, being nurses, spies, and even being soldiers and fighting in the war! For well-off southern white women who stayed at home during the war, there was a lot of responsibility to take on. They had to keep the rich businesses of their husbands who went off to the war. According to Maddie Dwyer, “With their husbands being the wealthiest of society (planters or business owners), they had a lot of responsibility to take over once they were Gone.” (Dwyer 2). This quote explains that they had to play the role of the mother and father proving that women are obviously capable of doing what…show more content…
There are hundreds of documented cases where women were caught fighting in the war. They’d get caught when they got injured and had to be stripped of their clothing when being treated by nurses and surgeons. They weren't punished or praised by whoever caught them. They were just treated and sent home. Women were very brave for fighting in the war. Not only did they have no experience, but they weren't always fit because they were limited to performing tasks that didn’t really help build muscle of hep with muscle or other physical strength. Yet they still sacrificed their lives to help the
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